This agreement made between (Bride)_______________________________________


(Phone numbers) cell_______________________and____________________________

(email address)_______________________ and Charlotte Phinney for services by Charlotte

and/or her team at (Location of services)______________________________________

Wedding date______________Wedding time___________Desired finish time___________     

The charges are as follows:                                     With team member              With Charlotte

bride's hair (any length, any style)                                  $125  _____                       $175______

If veil is attached during scheduled hair time, there is no additional charge.  If the stylist stays to attach the veil, an hourly fee will apply.    Extensions added to the brides hair $30 additional.  If the bride does not have a trial run prior to her wedding, extra time will be added to the wedding day schedule, the additional fee is $50.

brides's makeup (airbrush or conventional)                     $125  _____                    $175_______

chin length or shorter, blow dry styles               #____at $65   ______             at $85________

shoulder length, up or down styles                       #____at  $90 _______            at $110_______

below shoulder length, up or down styles             #____at $100_______             at $120_______

waist length and below hair styles                        #____at $125_______            at $135_______

Attaching extensions, per person                         #____at $30 ________           at $30________

children, 10 yrs & under, up or down styles          #____at  $65 _______             at $85________

makeup application, conventional or airbrush        # ____at  $90 ______            at $110________

Holiday rate and/or early start rate                        _____       + ______                    + ________

Touch up services during event, $125 per hour    #_____ at $125_______  #____at $150______  

 TOTAL (If total is less than $450, 

minimum of $450 per artist applies.)                                  _______             minimum $600______

 Travel charge, over 30 minutes from Marshfield                         =______                          _______

Hotel parking fee                                                                           =______                        _______

                                                 Team member TOTAL  = _________ Charlotte TOTAL__________

A non-refundable deposit of 30% is required to hold the date.  $_________________

Balance is due in full 14 days prior to wedding  $_______________ (non-refundable)

No refund will be given for members of the wedding party who miss appointments the day of the event.

Trial runs are done at our studio, 988 Plain St, Marshfield and are priced separately from wedding day services.  A hair trial run is $75, a makeup trial run is $75 with team members and $100 each with Charlotte.   If trial run services are preformed at your location, travel fee will be additional.

May we use your photos on our website, company Facebook page and/or Pintrest?  Yes  No

Signed by:

__________________________________            __________________________

Bride                                                                                  Charlotte Phinney                                                                                                      

____________________________                            __________________________                                                                                          Date                                                                                   Date

 Mail contract and deposit to:

Charlotte Phinney, 130 Carlton Rd, Marshfield, MA 02050  

    or use PayPal and email contract


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